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An air handler is essential to have a well-working HVAC. Great Day Plumbing & Air provides air handler installation and repairs in Hampstead and Wilmington, NC. We offer straightforward pricing with affordable costs for all residents.

We offer on-time service for all services we provide to our customers. Our trustworthy technicians are background checked and drug tested to ensure the most reliable work. In addition, they will use the latest technology to repair or install the air handler.

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What is an Air Handler?

The air handler is part of the HVAC system that helps cool the air and spread it throughout your property. Airflow will not correctly circulate or regulate without a functioning air handler. Therefore, it is essential to maintain this mechanical component to ensure a long life span.

Having regular inspections performed is the best way to prevent any future problems. It will also save you money and headaches from dealing with a faulty air handler.

Air handlers are complicated. Fan belts in the air handler may also start to deteriorate, or the blower motors can begin to wear. With all these complications, it would be best to call professionals to help.

Our technicians will help with air handler repair, air handler replacement, and installation efficiently and quickly. Count on our experienced team to find the issue and have the best solution to restore it.

Signs the Air Handler Needs Repairs

Before hiring experts for air handler services, look out for the warning signs of a faulty air handler. Knowing the warning signs of a broken air handler will help prevent lasting damage.

Signs the system needs repairs:

  • Temperature Problems
    In the air handler, coils are in charge of cooling the air. If the air doesn't feel as cool as it should during warm weather, it will need repairs.
  • Loud operation Although air conditioners are not usually silent, any loud or odd noise may signal that the air handler needs fixing. For example, it may make a grinding, screeching, or banging type noise, indicating a loose component.
  • >Airflow issues The blower in an air handler is in charge of distributing the air. If you ever notice  low airflow in your property, it may need repair.

The Best Air Handler Services

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